NordVPN is going that extra mile to expand their servers worldwide, only to make the largest Netflix libraries accessible to you

NordVPN Netflix

Does your Netflix show the most exclusive titles to you? If that’s a ‘No’ then sorry for the disclaimer but you have been granted limited access to Netflix.

This happens because Netflix content differs region-wise, thereby, watching shows available to other regions might seem impossible. 

Netflix is bound to limit its content due to the broadcaster’s terms of agreements. Luckily, it is possible to bypass the Netflix ban and watch Netflix with NordVPN. You can also access the constantly updated yet the highest user libraries of Netflix, that is, Netflix UK and the US. 

Does NordVPN Work with Netflix?

When Netflix revealed its movement against VPNs, no one expected it to work this effectively. This streaming giant used ultra-sophisticated technology to build up its wall against the proxies and VPNs. The VPN providers dug deep to crack down the Netflix ban but came forth only with a white flag. 


Still, there are a bunch of VPN providers that are giving Netflix a tough time and NordVPN is one of them. When tested, it became evident that NordVPN can unblock six Netflix libraries with ease, including Netflix US, UK, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, and Japan. Nonetheless, NordVPN lets you access these Netflix libraries via the browser as well as iOS and Android apps. 

Regardless of whichever country you are connected to, you can still watch Netflix with NordVPN. This means that if you are not using a server of the above-listed countries then NordVPN will use a DNS proxy to return to you Netflix US. However, the rest of the traffic will be generated from your selected server location.

What is Netflix Ban?

The sole reason for the difference in catalogs of Netflix from region to region is simply the ‘copyright laws’. Since movie studios have different contracts in various countries, therefore, you may get able to watch a series in one country but not in another. 

Moreover, you also have to deal with the local broadcaster’s terms of agreements, where many countries may be allowed to show some TV shows or movies, whereas, the same may not be permitted to Netflix. For example, the House of Cards in Hong Kong – now because this show belongs to a local TV network, therefore, it has its rights on the Netflix show and is not available online.

Due to such limitations by Netflix, an upsurge started among the Netflix users to access the largest Netflix libraries and, thereby, they started to employ VPNs to do their job. However, Netflix showed that it is a step ahead in this game by imposing the Netflix ban against the VPNs and proxies. Many VPNs raised their white flags in this battle, whereas, others including NordVPN stood strong and came forth boasting and effectively unblocking Netflix with just a click.

Why Use NordVPN to Unblock Netflix?


NordVPN is the people’s choice for unblocking Netflix and accessing its major libraries from anywhere across the world. It is one of the oldest VPNs in the VPN industry and has a reputation for blazing speeds and strict online security and privacy.

  • A vast network of servers
  • Torrent friendly
  • P2P friendly
  • Unlimited bandwidth and speed
  • No-logging policy
  • Kill Switch feature
  • 30-days money-back guarantee
  • A bit pricey
  • No free trial

Worldwide Servers

NordVPN has a gigantic network of servers catering to up to 5500+ servers spread over more than 59 countries globally. Such a vast range of servers ensures less load on all the servers. Thereby, NordVPN easily eliminates slow Internet speed problems and also rules out buffering while streaming.

Logging Policy

Since NordVPN is based in Panama, therefore, being under the surveillance of the 14 Eyes can be easily ruled out. NordVPN follows a strict zero-logging policy meaning that your online activities are neither logged, stored, or sold to any third-parties. 

Online Privacy & Security

NordVPN ensures that your online privacy and security are well-protected and strengthened. For this purpose, it uses AES with 256-bit keys that are absolute overkill and can not yet be deciphered with the resources humanity has at its disposal currently. 

Nonetheless, NordVPN transmits your data through a tunnel to VPN servers securely. It uses three different security protocols that use top-tier cryptology and they include; IKEv2/IPsec, OpenVPN, and NordLynx (Available on Linux)

Enticing Features

  • Ultra-fast Connection – No compromise on the speed with ultimate security
  • No-logs Policy – No need to monitor, log or store data since NordVPN does not require it
  • Uninterrupted Streaming – Surely buffering is a bummer which NordVPN does not allow
  • Tor over VPN – An added security feature unique to NordVPN double up your encryption
  • A Vast Network of Servers – You may choose from a huge range of 5500+ servers spread over 59 countries
  • Simultaneous Connections – Up to 6 simultaneous connections allowed on a single subscription
  • Kill Switch – To keep your data secure if the VPN connection ever drops
  • Personal IP – NordVPN gives a dedicated IP address to its every user

Pricing Plans

The pricing plans of NordVPN come with a 30-days money-back guarantee. They are a bit pricey if you consider the 1-month plan that is for $11.95 monthly, however, the long-term plans are less pricey. For example, the 1-year plan can be bought for only $5.75 per month or $69 per year.

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How to Unblock Netflix using NordVPN?

With NordVPN, it’s pretty straightforward to unblock Netflix and bypass the geo-restrictions implemented by this streaming service. Following these simple steps, you can easily watch Netflix with NordVPN:

  1. Firstly, subscribe to NordVPN.
  2. Download and install NordVPN on the device that you want to watch Netflix on.
  3. Start NordVPN and log in.
  4. Open the official website of Netflix or open the Netflix app and choose the Netflix library that you want to access.
  5. Connect to it with your chosen NordVPN server.
  6. Start streaming your favorite TV show or movie with Netflix. 

NordVPN for Netflix: Speed Review

Netflix is renowned for offering HD and Ultra-HD quality streaming service. Such quality streaming requires not just capable device support but most importantly a high-speed internet. 

NordVPN offers a wide server network with high-speed on most of its servers to let you enjoy streaming in HD and Ultra-HD quality on Netflix. You may find below the internet speeds required for streaming different video qualities on Netflix. 

  • 500 kbps: Minimum quality
  • 1,500 kbps: Normal quality (less than 480p)
  • 3,000 kbps: SD quality (480p or better)
  • 5,000 kbps: HD quality (720p or better)
  • 25,000 kbps: Ultra HD quality (1080p or better)

NordVPN Netflix Servers

NordVPN Netflix Servers

NordVPN has its 5500+ servers spread in almost 59 countries worldwide, however, not all the servers of this VPN for Netflix unblock the streaming giant for you. 

Nonetheless, we have mentioned below the servers through which you can watch Netflix with NordVPN and also access its largest libraries. 

Netflix LibraryNordVPN Server(s)
US1473, 1474, 2490, 2496, 2714, 2832, 2866, 3102, 3288, 3325, 4318, 5016
UK1011, 1044, 1064, 1207, 1331,1345, 1364, 1417
DE71, 90, 99
FR253, 346, 382, 428, 512
IT154, 86, 98
Japan221, 223, 227, 244, 396, 428, 491
Mexican  17, 40, 44
Brazil15, 35, 39
Korea21, 24, 26
Spain63, 109, 85

How to Bypass the Netflix VPN Proxy Error?

Netflix Proxy Error

While you watch Netflix with NordVPN, some problems might occur. Netflix proxy error pops up when the website detects the original IP address, thereby, restricting your access. However, you need not worry at all since the following fixes will help you get through the Netflix VPN proxy errors:

Flush Your DNS

An overloaded DNS cache might infer access to various websites that were previously accessible and also result in problems while connecting your VPN server. One must empty the DNS cache to avoid the Netflix proxy error and for this, you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Press Windows and R keys together to get started with ‘run’.
  2. In the command box, type ‘cmd’ and then enter ‘ipconfig/flushdns’.
  3. Hit the Enter key which shows a message saying ‘Successfully resolved the DNS Resolver Cache’.  

Restart Your Router

The simplest way to bypass a Netflix proxy error is to restart your router. This way the cache of your router gets empty, thereby, granting you access to the websites that posed error at first.

Choose the Nearest Server Location

If you come across any Netflix proxy error, then you simply have to switch to a VPN server location that is nearest to you. The vast range of servers offered by NordVPN allows easy connectivity to various servers. However, if the issue persists then feel free to connect with the ever available customer support of NordVPN and let them resolve your issue.

Change Your Security Protocol

By changing the security protocol that you are using currently, you can also bypass the Netflix proxy error. In case of NordVPN, you can try switching from the default OpenVPN protocol to IKEv2/IPsec or NordLynx and check whether your issue has been resolved or not.

People Often Ask

Do VPNs affect my Internet speed?

Undoubtedly, VPNs are bound to reduce the speed of your Internet connection. However, the traffic is divided over the large server network of NordVPN which tends to reduce the load on the servers that results in maintaining high-end speed over the servers.

Is a VPN for Netflix considered legal?

Netflix has imposed a ban against the VPNs and proxies to ascertain that the content remains limited in respective regions. Coming to the point, so you can get past the regional restrictions and enjoy streaming your favorite Netflix libraries with a VPN. 

However, the legality of VPN usage differs country wise that can be checked on our blog, Are VPNs Legal in my Country?”  

Can a free VPN be used to unblock Netflix?

It is highly discouraging to opt for a free VPN for Netflix since they usually have a smaller server network resulting in overloaded servers. Apart from the reduced speed, free VPNs can not even bypass the Netflix ban, let alone they are rumored to sell your data to third-parties for compensating their free services. 

Can I still sign up for Netflix if it is not even available in my country?

Although Netflix is available in over 190 countries worldwide. However, if Netflix service is not available in your location then you can still register to it using a VPN. 

What you need is a Netflix gift card, that is available on many online marketplaces. Next, connect yourself to one of your VPN’s servers in a country that has Netflix. Finally, register normally and pay with a gift card by entering the code from the gift card and ultimately enjoy watching Netflix. 

Wrapping Things Up

We know that it is extremely difficult to avert your eyes from the streaming giant, Netflix, which is matchless against other streaming services due to the highest user subscriptions. However, due to the many limitations imposed by Netflix, it has become a challenge for VPNs to bypass the Netflix ban. 

In this regard, NordVPN and Netflix are considered as the most perfect duo. Therefore, it is highly recommended for you to watch Netflix with NordVPN and access the largest Netflix libraries from anywhere around the world.