You must have seen people wearing suede jackets more often than not. That soft, luxurious material that effortlessly transforms any look. Made from the underside of an animal hide, is how it gets this soft and supple surface. It is made from various animal hides, including lambskin, sheepskin, calfskin, cowhide and goatskin. It is not as durable as most of the other types of leather due to its thin and soft qualities. Not to mention, it is easily prone to damage. 

Suede has been in style for decades now, acting as the best alternative for leather jackets. Ideally for folks who do not like glossy finishes but are into aesthetic feels, as well as matte finishes that suede can most definitely offer. 

Ways to Style a Suede Jacket

Just as there are different styles of suede jackets available, so too are there various ways of styling them. Ultimately bringing out the best in a person. The three most basic looks to consider when styling men’s suede jackets are as follows.  

Business Formal

Whether you’re in a certain office, creative or smart casual work environment or a meeting outdoors, you might need a smartly designed suede jacket for impressive style. Put on a classic white formal button-down shirt tucked into Grey cotton pants and Brown moccasins, oxfords or boots and a blue necktie, complemented by a Rust-colored Suede Jacket, or a piece in earthy brown which will definitely highlight your overall look. 


When you need to be comfortable as well as look neat and stylish, the semi-formal look is for you with a t-shirt or a sweatshirt bottomed with a clean pair of denim jeans and an awesome pair of boat-shoes, loafers or suede boots topped with a brown or black bomber suede jacket. This style will definitely uplift your suede jacket outfit. 


Last but never least when it comes to styling and fashion as every perspective counts. The most comfortable yet appealing look a suede jacket can offer is with distressed jeans, a plain white or black t-shirt along with your favorite every day sneakers. This very ensemble may catch the eyes of passersby for sure. To uplift this look even more in winters you just need to grab a scarf around the neck and you’re good to go. 

Making it Picturesque

Colors add a lively vibe to various elements and the same applies to suede as well. If we talk about suede, initially suede is colorless but through the tanning process, it is given its evergreen rust-like finish. The most iconic colors present in suede jackets are tan, brown, black and blue. Apart from these the jackets are available in almost every color imaginable. 

How to Style a Colored Suede Jacket 

There are various ways in which you can style a colored suede jacket. Some of which are listed below. 

Brown/Dark Brown Suede Jacket

The most iconic color in the suede jacket category is brown or dark brown. It elevates the complete ensemble of a plain white shirt, denim, or black jeans/ cotton bottomed with suede brown boots. This look is clean, crisp as well as complete. 

Black Suede Jacket

Black Suede Jacket

Black being the most basic color of all gives a strong and intense vibe. It is considered as the universal color when it comes to apparel as it can be worn on anything. Especially when we talk about men’s leather jackets, black is the main color which you might come across the most. In Suede black offers a matte look that somehow uplifts the overall ensemble. You can wear a plain white t-shirt with black pants and white sneakers and let the black suede add oomph to your look or you can go all black, which is super stylish as well. 

Tan Suede Jackets

Brown Suede Jacket

This color is one of the most popular in suede jackets. Tan has its own vibe when paired with a dressy buttoned-down white shirt or a plain white black or grey T-shirt along with black cotton pants and suede brown or tan boots or sneakers. 

Blue Suede Jackets

Blue Suede Jacket

Last but not least on the list is blue suede. Being in darker tones, it can be worn with all black, as well as all white. Blue suede gives more of a boyish and trendy look for those who like color. This color in suede, adds impressive contemporary style to any look you go for. When combined with black chinos, a black t-shirt and black boots. You get an effortless, urban inspired look that is currently all the rage. 

Suede Jacket Styles

Just like men’s leather jackets, men’s suede jackets also have various styles. As suede being a fabric that can be found in many different types of jackets. The material as a whole is not style-specific. The different styled jackets include the following. 

  1. Bomber Suede Jacket

The bomber jacket is a military-style jacket used by many pilots but over the years it has served as a staple piece in the fashion world. It is basically a waist-length jacket that is tightly gathered at the cuffs and the waist with elasticated fabrics which acts as the wind shield. 

  1. Biker Suede Jacket

The biker jacket has always stolen the show when it comes to leather or suede jackets. It is a short, fitted jacket with epaulets and lapels with a waistband buckle and studs. It serves their purpose of windproofing for bikers hence the name. 

  1. Vintage Suede Jackets 

Did you know that in the early years, suede being the under layer of the animal hide, people used to just wear the skin on them upside down making them more effective in the winter? Nowadays the jacket manufacturers do the same while making durable suede jackets by just processing the hide upside down rather than scaling the under layer of the hide. It makes the jacket look luxurious, along with fur on the lapels. It is also known as a shearling coat but the idea had been there for centuries.


What season do you wear suede?

Suede can be worn any time of year. 

Can you wear leather and suede together?

Yes! You can wear leather and suede together, even though you should always pair your jacket with shoes, i.e if you’re wearing a suede jacket you need to wear leather or suede shoes. 

What to wear with a brown suede jacket?

With a brown suede jacket, you can wear a plain white t-shirt along with beige corduroy or cotton pants and brown suede shoes or boots. 

To Conclude

Suede has been in the fashion world for decades. Being the sophisticated leather alternative. Suede plays an important role in style when it comes to shoes, bags and jackets. Styling suede the right way, inspired by the above will no doubt make you look neat and stylish through-out the year.