Brace yourselves as now you can stream live with Summer Olympics 2021 on Kodi, as they happen

Mark your calendars because this year you are going to experience one of the biggest global sports events of the year. So gear up yourself to watch Summer Olympics 2021 on Kodi! Since this event will be highly publicized therefore you can watch it easily via various streaming platforms like Kodi.

South Korea is hosting this year’s Summer Olympics that are being held in Tokyo. In order to be called the best of the best, almost 3000 athletes will be competing from 92 countries all over the world. You can watch these athletes competing in the event most easily on Kodi. Summer Olympics 2021 is bringing forward hundreds of Summer sports for all the sports freak to rejoice.

Kodi is one of the most protractible and user-friendly media players in the streaming industry. Being an open-source software it is entirely free with an outstanding user interface and excellent portability. It can be installed on approximately all of the popular devices including Android, Apple TV, and Amazon Firestick making it possible to watch Summer Olympics 2021 on Kodi.

Why Do You Need A VPN for Kodi?

Kodi is without any doubt one of the most popular methods of streaming TV shows and movies for free. But since nothing is perfect in this world so the same goes for the service of Kodi. However, these caveats of Kodi can be surpassed by pairing it with the best Kodi VPN thus allowing you to watch Summer Olympics 2021 on Kodi.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) ensures military grade encryption making it impossible for any outside observer to infiltrate. As a result, your ISP becomes restricted as it cannot sell your browsing history to third-parties. A VPN can also turn your traffic anonymous thus conceals unlicensed Kodi streaming from your ISP.

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Enlisted below are some more benefits that you can get out of using VPN;

  • Unblock Geo-restriction on Kodi Add-ons: Many of the Kod addons are restricted in certain regions but with VPN you can bypass geo-blocking and watch Summer Olympics 2020 on Kodi.
  • Bypass ISP Throttling: You might have noticed a decline in your Internet speed when watching online videos. This usually happens when your ISP is throttling your Internet speed. However, this can be overcome by using VPN.
  • Topnotch Privacy: With VPN, you can provide an additional layer of privacy and security to your online activities and watch Summer Olympics 2020 on Kodi with least tension of security breaching.
  • VPN Applications: Setting up VPN connections be it on your PC, Mac, FireStick, or iOS has now become super-easy due to the user-friendly VPN apps thus allowing you to easily watch Summer Olympics 2021 on Kodi in the blink of an eye.

Official Addons to Watch Summer Olympics 2021 on Kodi

Being one of the legendary events of the world, the Summer Olympics 2021 are broadcasted extensively on TV. This makes it relatively easy to watch Summer Olympics 2021 on Kodi since most of the networks are equipped with official Kodi addons that allow you stream live.

Enlisted below are the official addons that provide high-quality live streaming of the Summer Olympics 2021 on Kodi;

NBC Sports Live Extra

NBC Sports Live

NBC Sports Live Extra is an addon of Kodi that allows you to watch live NBC Sports streams. Signing in with your cable service credentials is a must to stream live events. However, on the brighter side, you can also view the selected highlights for free. For Summer Olympics 2021 there isn’t any one dedicated package available but it does have a number of NBC Sports Gold packages. An American IP address can be used to access the addon’s content as well. With this addon, you can watch the entire Summer Olympics 2021 on Kodi!

The NBC Sports Live Extra addon is located in the official Kodi addon repository.

Eurosport Player

Since the iPlayer WWW addon doesn’t allow its users to watch “red button” streams, therefore, Eurosport Player serves as the most effortless way for British viewers to watch Summer Olympics 2021 on Kodi. However, no free content is available and a European account is a must to use this Kodi addon. On the promising side, once you have logged in, you will be able to watch all the live as well as on-demand streams.

The Eurosport Player addon is located in the SuperRepo repository.

CBC Sports


Being Canada’s public broadcaster, CBC Sports has been contracted for streaming Summer Olympics 2020. In order to watch Summer Olympics 2021 on Kodi outside Canada, you simply need a Canadian IP address. However, you can watch it for free within Canada. When the event goes on air, Canadians abroad can also watch Summer Olympics 2021 on Kodi by connecting to one of their VPN’s Canadian servers.

The CBC Sports addon is located in the MetalChris repository. Signing in with your cable service credentials is a must. There is no free content available but the addon’s content can be easily accessed with an American IP address.

Addons That Must Be Avoided

Official sources are highly recommended to all the netizens buzzing in search of how to watch Summer Olympics 2021 on Kodi. But there are some less fastidious websites as well as forums that might recommend you the following addons. However, these addons provide unrestricted access even to licensed content. Since the Summer Olympics 2020 is about to be broadcast on various official channels, so there is no such urgency to switch to potentially harmful third-party addons.

Enlisted below are those addons that should not be considered to watch Summer Olympics 2020 with;

  • Halow Live TV
  • Live Mix
  • Castaway
  • Project Mayhem

But why should these addons be avoided?

Even if we overlook the copyright issues raised by these addons, there are multiple other reasons to avoid them. First and foremost reason is that these addons use unofficial streams thus they are the least reliable than their official counterparts. Secondly, a standard definition of streaming is offered. Lastly, the third-party addons do not undergo the same accurate technical validation that the official addons offer. Therefore, it is certain that these addons may provide multiple means for a hijacker to infiltrate your system.


Watching Summer Olympics on Kodi has become a piece of cake since TV broadcaster’s main emphasis shifted to Internet streaming platforms. By using the above-mentioned Kodi addons you can easily watch Summer Olympics 2020 on Kodi application and enjoy the most awaited sporting event that no one wants to miss!