Do you miss out on all those fun episodes of Park and Recreation? Perhaps, it is the Cheers that makes you cheer and feel all nostalgic of those high school days. Regardless, you can’t watch these and many other Netflix titles if you are traveling to Canada.

Canada may be a good old neighbor of America. However, when it comes to Netflix, the US gets the lion’s share while Canada…not so much.

Only a VPN can take all the physical and virtual borders out of your life and let you watch American Netflix in Canada or from anywhere else.

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How to Watch American Netflix in Canada with a VPN

VPN serve many purposes. From protecting you against different cyber threats to helping you save money on traveling and hotels, VPNs can be a real asset in your life.

Amongst the many other things, VPNs can fix the geo-restriction problems associated with Netflix and similar streaming services. VPNs can switch your IP addresses which tricks the web server into believing that you are actually browsing from outside Canada.

When you use a VPN for Netflix, you can trick the service into thinking that you are accessing it from the US, and this way you can watch all the American Netflix content in Canada.

Follow these steps to access US Netflix in Canada:

  1. Pick the best Netflix VPN service
  2. Download the VPN app or install the browser extension
  3. Subscribe to Netflix
  4. Run the VPN and connect to the US server
  5. Log in to Netflix and watch American titles in Canada

How to Watch American Netflix in Canada on PS4 and Other Devices?

how to watch us netflix in canada on PS4

Netflix may be compatible with many devices like PS4, but you cannot find any VPN service that can offer you a PS4-compatible VPN application. Don’t lose hope. You can still watch your favorite American Netflix titles on your PS4 and other Netflix-compatible devices with some quick workarounds.

Method #1 Connect Via Router

You can set up a VPN on your router and enjoy encrypted internet browsing on all the devices connected to the same router. It also means that you can use one VPN account on multiple devices on a network. Here’s how you can watch American Netflix on PS4 via your home router:

  1. Install VPN on your router (check out tutorial on your VPN provider website)
  2. Go to your PS4’s Settings
  3. Go to Network Settings and then Set Up Internet Connection
  4. Select Use Wi-Fi
  5. Select Easy as connection method
  6. Search for the Wi-Fi and enter password to connect
  7. Check Do Not Use a Proxy Server
  8. Click Test Connection

If your VPN provider doesn’t support your router, try out the next method.

Method #2 Connect Via Windows

  1. Install VPN on your Windows
  2. Connect your PS4 and Windows machine with an Ethernet cable
  3. Go to Control Panel on Windows
  4. Click Network and Sharing Center and then go to Change Adapter Settings
  5. Right Click PureVPN icon and go to Properties
  6. Click to open Sharing tab and check Allow Other Network Users to Connect Through This Computer’s Internet Connection
  7. Go to Home Networking Connection and select your desired connection
  8. Launch PureVPN and connect to US server
  9. Go to your PS4’s Settings
  10. Go to Network Settings and then Set Up Internet Connection
  11. Select Use a LAN Cable
  12. Select Easy as the connection method
  13. PS4 will automatically search for Ethernet connection
  14. Check Do Not Use a Proxy Server
  15. Click Test Connection

You are now all set to binge American Netflix in Canada.

Is All American Available on Netflix Canada?

All American is a teen drama series, centering on a talented football player who makes his way to an affluent high school football team. It is a hit TV series that has a pretty awesome fan-following in the US.

how to watch all american in canada

The downside of the Canadian Netflix library is that it doesn’t contain this amazing football show. To watch the show in Canada, you would need a VPN to access American Netflix in your country.

Is US Netflix Better Than Canada?

US Netflix is, in fact, better than many other Netflix regional libraries. There are a dozen of movies and TV shows that you can’t find in other regional libraries than the US such as Parks and Recreation, Cheers and more.

The primary reason behind most of the missing content in other regions is the broadcasting license. Most US studios stick to the American broadcasters for their shows which is why you can’t find most shows in any other regions.

The only simple solution is a VPN as it allows you to switch your location virtually with a few clicks.

Is It Illegal to Watch American Netflix in Canada?

VPNs may be ban in some countries, but not in America or Canada. The use of a VPN in America or Canada is completely legal, providing that you don’t use it for nefarious purposes such as online gambling, etc.

It should be noted that the primary purpose of a VPN is to encrypt your internet and make your browsing activities private against ISPs and cyber criminals alike. Therefore, VPNs are not only encouraged but also recommended by cyber security experts and privacy advocates.

Hope this guide answers all your questions regarding how to watch American Netflix in Canada. Happy binge-watching.