NordVPN has become a household name in the VPN industry across the globe. Keeping up to its growing popularity.

NordVPN forms its first advisory board, consisting of independent third-party advisors from various sectors including cybersecurity, privacy advocate, and academia.

NordVPN has officially formed its advisory board by having Troy Hunt as their first strategic advisor.

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Troy Hunt is a renowned cybersecurity expert who has been most commonly known for creating websites like that report compromised emails.

“We are very excited to greet Troy Hunt as an advisor. Our product family is growing rapidly, and we have ambitious plans ahead”

said the co-founder of NordSec, Tom Okman.

The advisors will “provide strategic guidance and help shape the company’s future by sharing unique perspectives, insights, and trends” he further stated.

Troy Hunt, on the other hand, also seems to the idea of being an advisor to one of the top-tier VPN providers: NordVPN. In a press release,

Troy stated that he is impressed with, “NordVPN’s product and their desire to engage with independent experts to drive further innovation.”

What seems to attract Troy Hunt to NordVPN’s team is the VPN provider’s trust and confidence in their products and services which have also led them to called in experts from PWC and get their no-logs claim assessed and validated.

This proved to Troy and many other NordVPN users that the VPN provider never fails to deliver upon the promise of being transparent and reliable.

On the other hand, Troy tweeted few months ago regarding NordVPN breach which he didn’t mention in his blog.

Now the question is do we expect a genuine statements from these experts regarding NordVPN in the future?

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