Nowadays, virtual private network (VPN) services come by the dozen. Just search “VPN Service” on Google, and I am definite that you will see dozens of names listing all the way down to the second and third page and so on.

However, there are some names considered as A-Lister in the VPN industry, and one such name is NordVPN. In fact, you will see NordVPN’s name more often than other services, although it might either be because of immense popularity or their gorilla marketing tactics.

Regardless, we took our time in assessing the VPN from feature to feature and functionalities to present you this detailed NordVPN review.


Operating from Panama, NordVPN’s name has been inspired from the Nordic ideals namely trust, confidence and innovation. The VPN service has a pretty good reputation in the industry as a VPN provider that focuses not only on anonymity or unblocking but also the added cyber security.

The VPN service is perhaps the only VPN in town that offers an insanely massive network of virtual private network servers. And when we talk about its security aspects, as a savvy VPN user you would be glad to hear that that Nord offers not only military-grade encryption but also CyberSec and Double VPN, which we will discuss later.

Unlike some VPN services, Nord offers a feature rich client which keeps the diverse needs of the users in mind and cater to them efficiently.

As well know that no matter what product or service you take, nothing ever rates 100% perfect. After all, there are always some good and bad aspects of everything. Let’s see how much good and bad does NordVPN offer to its users.