Opt for an Extratorrent proxy site and relieve yourself from the worries of the downfall of ExtraTorrent


With the downfall of ExtraTorrent, millions of its users are now suffering at the hands of various fake torrent sites. Being the second-largest torrent provider of its time, Extratorrent is a legendary site that is recognized by the users of BitTorrent. The collapse of Extratorrent diverted its users towards ExtraTorrent Proxy sites and its alternatives.

The History of ExtraTorrent


The introduction of ExtraTorrent in the torrent world was a huge hit. It remained in the list of top 5 torrent sites for a long time. The site’s easy-to-use interface, homepage, and search controls attracted a lot of inexperienced users as well.

Unfortunately, the popular site was shut down by its owners on May 17, 2017. The shut down of this torrent-friendly website was rather unexpected. However, after a while, a new domain of ExtraTorrent popped up.

This new domain is currently available by the URL Extratorrent.ag which has a habit of disappearing from time to time. You don’t have to worry about its unavailability though as you can just opt for one of the Extratorrent proxy sites we have chosen for you.

Proxy Sites and Torrents

A proxy site is an intermediate link between you and the site that you wish to access. These sites operate on different dedicated servers and offer unhindered access to various blocked sites.

VPNs though, on one hand, have many benefits but on the other hand, they charge for the services they provide. People are reluctant to use VPN services even though they are an absolute necessity for torrenting.

Therefore, those people unwilling to go for a VPN can opt for any of the ExtraTorrent proxy sites mentioned below.

These proxy sites provide unrestricted access to the torrent sites despite the content being censored or geo-restricted. However, some of the Extratorrent proxy sites contain viruses and some might not be working.

ExtraTorrent Proxy Sites of 2020


With Extratorrent proxy sites, you can easily download similar content like that on the official site. The best Extratorrent proxy sites of 2019 have been discussed below:

Why Should You Use a VPN for Torrenting?

Virtual Private Network (VPN) offers its users a secure and encrypted connection over the web. The VPN allows your traffic to move through a secure tunnel connecting you to a remote server. A VPN for torrenting masks your IP address and thus make you anonymous on the web.

Many users around the globe are unable to access ExtraTorrent due to regional blocking. It may also be due to the firewall that prevents access in case the website has a bad IP.

However, if you cannot access ExtraTorrent, then just be patient and go for a VPN that can connect you to ExtraTorrent easily.

Top 3 ExtraTorrent Alternatives of 2020

When ExtraTorrent collapsed, many different torrent providers started surfacing the torrent industry. In order to save your time, we worked our fingers to the bones to put forth some of the best Extratorrent alternatives:

1. The Pirate Bay


Being the most famous torrent provider ruling the torrent world, The Pirate Bay serves as one of the best Extratorrent alternatives.

It offers an online library of torrent files belonging to different categories ranging from books, games, movies, software, and what not!

2. 1337x


1337x contains a vast range of torrent files and magnet links for peer-to-peer file sharing in its online library. It is undoubtedly a trusted platform for torrent users around the globe.

This Extratorrent alternative is believed to update its online directory constantly thus offering the best content always.

3. Kat.cr


Kickass Torrents, also known as Kat.cr, is also one of the top 3 ExtraTorrent alternatives. Even after its downfall in 2016, Kat.cr emerged with the domain name http://kat.am/.

This torrent provider offers the option of both downloading and uploading torrent files. Kat.cr also offers peer-to-peer file sharing through the BitTorrent protocol. The library of Kat.cr contains all categories of torrents such as games, books, software, movies, TV series, etc.  


ExtraTorrents is known worldwide as the top-notch torrent providers of all time. The site offers a huge online library containing updated content.

The unexpected shut down of ExtraTorrent came as a shock to its followers. However, the above-mentioned ExtraTorrent proxy sites and alternatives will make you easily accessible to ExtraTorrent. Make sure that you are using a VPN for torrenting in order to access ExtraTorrent if it is inaccessible due to geo-restrictions.

Do let us know in the comments below regarding the Extratorrent proxy sites and alternatives that worked out best for you.