The termination of the Torrent Reactor has left its users in great despair thus they are now looking for alternatives to Torrent Reactor

Torrent Reactor was the oldest and the most popular torrent resource around the globe. Its termination has deprived torrent fans of the services of the most trusted torrent provider thus they are now in dire need of other alternatives to Torrent Reactor.

With its advanced search option, Torrent Reactor was the most active torrent provider which aimed at providing the latest torrents to its users. However, many alternatives to Torrent Reactor have recently popped up since the website is no longer in process.

10 Best Alternatives to Torrent Reactor

The lost battle of Torrent Reactor has depressed torrent fans greatly, therefore, we decided to bring forth some of the best alternatives to Torrent Reactor.

The following 10 alternatives to Torrent Reactor are among the best options available on the Internet and will ensure a fruitful experience for their users.

IsoHunt (aka

isohunt-alternative-torrent-reactor is the recent incarnation of that was shut down in 2013.

The homepage of this website clearly states that this site is going underground. Therefore, it recommends its users to download the new binary channel due to the risk of legal issues.

Being one of the best alternatives to Torrent Reactor, IsoHunt has proven to be the most preferred option for millions of torrent users because of its vast torrent options and simple browsing features. is also one of the authorized peers to peer torrent system of the BitTorrent. This website allowed its users to browse, search, upload or download torrents of different categories.

The Pirate Bay


The Pirate Bay is one of the most well-known torrent providers across the globe. It serves as an online index for torrent files from various categories of music, games, movies, books, software and what not!

It has proven to be one of the best alternatives to Torrent Reactor as it is serving the most relevant torrents actively to its users. The Pirate Bay provides magnet links to its torrents which help to refer resources available for download via peer to peer networking.

This alternative to Torrent Reactor also has an active community that helps users regarding information about the torrents.

The Pirate Bay is blocked in many countries but still, it is easily accessible through a VPN.


KAT abbreviated for Kickass Torrents is among the best alternatives to Torrent Reactor. Although authorities suspended in 2016, it has emerged back with the name of deals in both torrent uploading and downloading of meta links. It provides torrent files and magnetic hyperlinks for peer-to-peer file sharing through the BitTorrent process.

LimeTorrents (aka


LimeTorrents, a name familiar to all in the torrent ecosystem for over a decade, changed its domain name to in order to bypass ISP blockade. has an extensive online library for torrent files including different categories of music, television shows, software, movies, video games, etc. It is also among the best alternatives to Torrent Reactor as it offers to download torrents free of charge. has an advanced search option available that helps in searching the latest and the most relevant torrent file.

The new version of LimeTorrents does not list direct links to pirated content thus it is seemingly safe from copyright holders.

Zooqle (formerly BitSnoop)


Zooqle is a new torrent index which has come forth after the shutdown of its former BitSnoop.

This torrent provider has a user-friendly interface thus making it one of the best alternatives to Torrent Reactor. Zooqle has an advanced torrent search option that filters results by time indexed, size range, language, and category.

An online library has hundreds of thousands of torrent files fulfill no good purpose unless the torrent files are valid. Therefore, this alternative of Torrent Reactor is associated with providing good quality valid torrent files.


ExtraTorrent was considered a leading independent torrent provider across the globe. The shutdown of this website, however, led to the reincarnation of the original ExtraTorrent site with the name

This website has a diverse collection of torrent files and the advanced search option makes it easier for users to search for the relevant torrent.

The homepage of the new website directs the user as to how they can use ExtraTorrent.

Torrentz (aka


Although the best BitTorrent met search website, Torrentz, is no longer active but one can surely find its clones operating in the torrent ecosystems. is one of the best alternatives to Torrent Reactor as this website is the top-notch torrent providers currently operating. is the latest replica of Torrentz and is an online index for over 55 million torrent files. However, this new version of Torrentz does not allow comments, bookmarks, and votes to users for now.



Yify Torrents also majorly known as YTS is one of the best alternatives to Torrent Reactor due to its millions of torrent files of different genre movies.

It should be noted that YTS only deals in movies so one should not consider it for getting hands-on games, music, program, registered software, etc.

However, YTS offers different quality in movies as per the user’s requirements of bandwidth performance. It deals with movies in 720p, 1080p as well as in 3D.

rarbg-alternative-torrent-reactor was once a small Bulgarian tracker but now it has expanded into a huge torrent provider now serving millions of users.

Being one of the alternatives to Torrent Reactor, is indeed the name which pops up in our minds when it comes to quality rather than quantity. Its index is full of high quality and high-resolution torrents.

This website supports peer to peer networking. might not have the best interface though but still, it has a sufficiently large library of torrents. Furthermore, also supports a Box Office section where you see snippets of the latest movies.



1337x is a trusted platform for users who wish to access many torrent options. Being in the torrent industry for more than a decade, 1337x has marked itself as one of the best alternatives to Torrent Reactor.

The library of torrent files is constantly updated thereby offering latest torrents every time. 1337x supports magnet links which can be easily downloaded within minutes depending on the speed of the connection.

Why Do You Need A Reliable VPN for Torrenting?

While torrenting one should know that media companies are monitoring their torrent traffic and collecting IP addresses. One may receive copyright violation notices from the ISP on behalf of a copyright holder.

Therefore, with the escalation of copyright infringement throughout the globe, torrent users are now looking for some reliable VPN options for torrenting.

A reliable VPN retains a user’s anonymity on the web by changing their IP address. It also strengthens security via its military-grade encryption features. But do make sure that the VPN you have chosen supports torrenting or not.

Final Words

The shutdown of Torrent Reactor, after fighting through the odds for more than 10 years, came as a great shock to all its fans. In order to lessen the grief of its users, we have come up with our version of the best 10 alternatives to Torrent Reactor.

The above-mentioned alternatives to Torrent Reactor are among the best torrent providers in the torrent ecosystem. You can try any of these alternatives to find the most relevant torrents available on the Internet.