Who do you think would best fill the void left out by TorrentHound?

TorrentHound was one of the most popular torrent giants of its time. The downfall of TorrentHound hit its fans with a great shock. Consequently, torrenters started looking for other ways to fulfill their streaming needs. Therefore, we have come up with our version of the best TorrentHound alternatives of 2019.

The following detailed guide on the best TorrentHound Alternatives will help you to find out the reasons behind the collapse of TorrentHound and its top-notch alternatives. Furthermore, it will also shed light on the necessity of using a VPN for torrenting so as to stay secure on the web.

The Collapse of TorrentHound

TorrentHound, being introduced in 2007, maintained its status for a long time in the torrent industry. However, it did not last long and was soon shut down by its owner voluntarily. The owner of TorrentHound took down his website because of constant nagging from copyright trolls, rising bills, minor traffic generation, and lesser revenue.

With the collapse of TorrentHound, various torrent providers have emerged on the web. Many of these websites are fake and are full of spam and advertisements. Therefore, while selecting the best TorrentHound alternative, careful analysis must be done so as to protect oneself from cyber criminals.


The following message is displayed on TorrentHound’s webpage instead of the original homepage.

Why Should You Use a VPN for Torrenting?


While you are torrenting freely on the web, your ISP is constantly on the go to track you down. Thus, to prevent yourself from being tracked down and become subjected to copyright infringement, you must a VPN while torrenting.

A VPN for torrenting will mask your IP address with another one. As a result, you will enjoy being anonymous the web. This will allow you to stream fearlessly and download your favorite torrents as well without the risk of security breaches.

15 Best TorrentHound Alternatives of 2019

Torrent giants on the web are highly variable ranging from genuine and safe torrent sites to fake and spam sites. However, the ones that we have rounded up for you are the genuine sites catering thousands and millions of users and offering updated content.

Our 15 best TorrentHound alternatives are quite worthy to be on the list because of their outstanding features. Not just the features are appealing, each one of these websites hosts huge online libraries comprising of your favorite torrent files. The list is as follows:

  1. The Pirate Bay
  2. TorLock
  3. LimeTorrents
  4. Nyaa.si
  5. Seedpeer
  6. Torrents.me
  7. Torrentz2
  8. Zooqle
  9. IsoHunt
  10. 1337x
  11. RARBG
  12. Toorgle
  13. Popcorn Time
  14. iDope
  15. RuTracker

Before you get all excited and indulge in torrenting with any of the above-mentioned torrent giants, we would strongly recommend you to use a VPN for torrenting. This will prevent you from being tracked down by your ISP.

5 Highly Recommended TorrentHound Alternatives

The downfall of torrent giants in the torrent industry is quite common and the same goes for TorrentHound. The demise of TorrentHound was certainly disappointing but in its place, many other torrent sites have popped up.

The above list showcased the 15 best TorrentHound alternatives. However, we will be discussing briefly the 5 most recommended TorrentHound alternatives in detail. You must prioritize these 5 alternatives first and then the rest.

1. The Pirate Bay


The Pirate Bay is undoubtedly the top-notch TorrentHound alternative. This torrent giant has a huge online library of various torrent files catering to media content from all genres. These different genres include movies, TV shows, software, games, and much more.

This TorrentHound alternative allows its users to upload and download torrent files without any hassle. The Pirate Bay is a pretty user-friendly torrent provider and extremely straightforward to gain advantage from, even for the beginners.



RARBG is also among the 5 best TorrentHound alternatives that offer magnet links of torrent files. As a result, the users are able to do peer-to-peer file sharing. The torrenting activities of RARBG users are supported by the BitTorrent protocol.

RARBG, being one of the best TorrentHound alternatives, hosts torrent files of many different genres as well including games, software, TV shows, movies, etc. This torrent giant is another one of the reliable options that can be chosen as an alternative to TorrentHound.

3. SeedPeer


SeedPeer is another one of the TorrentHound alternatives that allow users to explore and download their favorite torrent files from its massive online library. This innovative torrent giant has a clean and user-friendly interface.

This torrent giant offers customized buttons for each dedicated genre from games to music allowing users to filter through their favorite Torrent links with much ease.

The users of SeedPeer may opt it for downloading torrents of anime and books. Therefore, this TorrentHound alternative may be of great importance for getting hands on anime torrents.     

4. TorLock


TorLock, being one of the 5 most recommended TorrentHound alternatives, enables the torrent users to explore its online library. Luckily, you can find your favorite torrent files that include games, music, anime, TV shows, movies, and much more.

It has many versatile features that not only includes reliability and diversity but also one of the most amazing interfaces in the torrent ecosystem. TorLock has various segments for different genres.

TorLock promised that new torrent links will be updated every once in a while thus keeping its services a bit higher than the rest. This torrent giant also has an E-Book section that caters to many different genres.

5. Nyaa.si


Nyaa.si is also one of the most recommended TorrentHound alternatives that are trying its best to gain popularity. This torrent giant provides an easy-to-use and a clean interface that allows users to find torrent files of different genres. These different genres include anime, music, games, literature, pictures, apps, and much more.

However, Nyaa.si does not update its link directory often as other sites do. But this TorrentHound alternative is among the best alternatives in the torrent industry.

Final Verdict

TorrentHound has surely left behind a huge hole in the torrent industry after its downfall. This torrent giant is the third biggest torrent provider that went down and has faced the same fate as that of Kickass Torrents and Torrentz.

However, the collapse of TorrentHound led to the upsurge of many other torrent providers. Some of these torrent sites are safe whereas others are fake and full of spam. The genuine torrent providers host different torrent files catering to the needs of torrent users. The above-mentioned TorrentHound alternatives will help fulfill your torrenting needs.

Feel free to share your experience with the best TorrentHound alternatives in the comments section below.