Geo-restrictions on Limetorrents have outraged millions of its followers. Are you also among the desperate ones looking for ways to unblock this torrent provider?

Limetorrents is one of the most popular torrent providers in the torrent industry. Introduced in 2009, this giant has been catering the needs of torrent freaks around the globe. But the geo-restrictions on limetorrents diverted many of its users to use a limetorrents proxy, as it has itself been blocked in many countries.

Being the top-notch torrent providers, Limetorrents hosts a vast directory for games, music, movies, eBooks, and software. It serves as a torrent directory that links the user to other websites hosting the required file.

What Led to the Downfall of Limetorrents?


Since the introduction of Limetorrents in the torrent industry in 2009, it has been a target by the copyright trolls. As a result of this, many of the servers of Limetorrents were confiscated and even the site got sued for piracy of Expendables 3.

The only caveat preventing this giant from being the best among all is its ban in different countries. This ban is for redirecting the users to websites that provide copyright content.

Since downloading illegal content can get you DMCA notices directly from the copyright trolls, therefore, avoidance of the former is better. Moreover, this blocked website can only be unblocked by a reliable VPN for torrents or by Limetorrents proxy.

Statistics of Limetorrents Users

The statistics below clearly depicts the huge number of users that are searching for Limetorrents helplessly.

The highest demand for Limetorrents in particularly these 3 regions can be seen prominently as well.


These peak values depict the needs of torrent users. Geo-restrictions of Limetorrents particularly in the highlighted regions have grieved the torrent users greatly. This is the reason why they have been searching for ways to unblock Limetorrents.

How to Unblock Limetorrents in 2020?

Limetorrents has been the burning topic lately in the torrent ecosystem. Being a source of pirated content primarily, this site has been facing a lot of troubles since its introduction.

Despite these troubles, Limetorrents not just continued to survive but is also one of the ten most visited torrent sites on the web. The ban on Limetorrents in certain countries outraged its users, therefore, they are now looking for ways to unblock this torrent provider.

There are two easy ways by which a user can unblock any torrent site especially Limetorrents. Limetorrents can be easily accessed by:

  1. Using Limetorrents proxy sites, or
  2. Using a VPN for torrenting

What is LimeTorrents Proxy?

Is Limetorrents blocked in your region? Are you desperate to access it like the rest of limetorrents users too? Well, worry no more as Limetorrents proxy can regain your joy of downloading torrents of your favorite movies or TV shows from around the globe in a few minutes.

Bypassing geo-restrictions by using a proxy is the easiest method of accessing blocked websites. A proxy serves as an intermediate and thus provides access to the actual website. Limetorrents proxy works the same way.

How Does Limetorrents Proxy Work?

limetorrent proxy site 2020

The ban on Limetorrents in various regions has provoked the torrent lovers to get back to Limetorrents by using Limetorrents proxy sites.

Limetorrents proxy sites use their own IP address to mask your IP address and thus make Limetorrents accessible to the user. This way Limetorrents proxy hides your presence on the website.

100% Functional Limetorrents Proxy Sites for 2020

There are different free proxy sites working on the Internet to allow access to the desired websites under geo-restriction. However, there are many Limetorrents proxy sites that are not reliable and fully trustworthy thus have a risk of jeopardizing the user’s privacy.

Therefore, we have worked our fingers to the bone in order to put forth some of the most reliable Limetorrents proxy sites. You can simply open the following Limetorrents proxy sites and then enter the Limetorrents URL in order to access it. The trustworthy Limetorrents proxy sites are as follows:


sitenable serves as an efficient Limetorrents proxy with which you can unblock Limetorrents easily. The site also ensures zero logging of browsing history.

This Limetorrents proxy not just encrypts URL and avoid filters but also remove scripts to protect the user’s anonymity over the web. Moreover, you can also remove extra objects like Flash, Java etc. in order to decrease the loading time.


hideme-proxy is a free proxy site that allows you to access blocked websites all around the globe. Therefore, works as a quality Limetorrents proxy site.

Furthermore, also offers a VPN service which can be used to strengthen your security over the web. This will allow the user to surf the web anonymously and access Limetorrents quite easily.

3. KProxy


KProxy serves as a reliable Limetorrents proxy and has been catering over 1,500,000 netizens all around the globe. It has been functional since 2005.

This Limetorrents proxy site allows you to bypass geo-restrictions on Limetorrents in various regions. Furthermore, it can also prevent hackers from stealing the user’s credentials and thus ensure privacy.

KProxy also offers its extension on Chrome as well as Firefox. Moreover, it does not require any registration and has a complete configuration guide available on their website.


Being the fastest and more importantly providing free services, serves as a trustworthy Limetorrents proxy.

With this amazing Limetorrents proxy site, one can reassure his anonymity and security over the web. can bypass geo-restrictions on Limetorrents by simply entering the sites URL. fulfill the purposes of unblocking blocked content, ensuring anonymous browsing as well as bypassing firewall filters.

5. Megaproxy

Megaproxy serves as a functional Limetorrents proxy site as it enables you to access blocked content on the web. This proxy site ensures consistent performance and does not compromise on the quality

Using VPN to Unblock Limetorrents


A VPN for torrenting is always the most secure and better option than the rest. Using VPN services will not just secure your privacy but it will also ensure anonymity over the web. This method for unblocking Limetorrents is undoubtedly much more secure and versatile.

Using a VPN while torrenting can hide the user’s activities from the prying eyes of the ISP. A VPN puts up an additional layer of security against copyright trolls and cybercriminals who are constantly looking for ways to exploit them.

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The only concern with VPN services is that the most reliable ones are not free. However, the pricing of these VPNs is quite affordable. Furthermore, there are various VPNs that do not allow torrenting so you better make your choices wisely. Also, many VPNs slow down your internet speed as well. So do check your internet speed test before and after connecting to a VPN.

How to Unblock Limetorrents Using A VPN?

With the following 5 simple steps, even a layman would be able to unblock Limetorrents using a VPN. these steps are as follows:

  1. Firstly, find a reliable VPN that fulfills your demands. Some of the most reliable ones include; ExpressVPN, NordVPN, or PIA.
  2. Now, select a pricing plan according to your suitability.
  3. Then, download the app for your device.
  4. Install the software and run it.
  5. Lastly, open Limetorrents and enter the world of torrenting.


Limetorrents is undoubtedly one of the most popular torrent providers in the torrent ecosystem that is still functional. It serves as a one-stop shop catering to the needs of millions of torrent users.

However, the ban on Limetorrents outraged its users, therefore, they are now looking for measures to unblock this torrent provider. Limetorrents can be accessed by using Limetorrents proxy sites or by using a reliable VPN, as discussed above.

We hope that Limetorrents will continue to fulfill the digital needs of Netizens around the globe and that our guide will help those who are facing geo-restrictions on Limetorrents.