Wimbledon 2019 is finally here. The championship has already been started and we’ve seen some great upsets in the history of Wimbledon.

If you are a fan of tennis, there’s no way you could have missed out on those historical moments. However, even if you did, then chances are that you couldn’t find the right streaming service to catch the event live online.

Well, there are dozens of broadcasters that have gained the transmission license of the tennis championship. However, even those broadcasters have limitations as to where to broadcast the championship and where to block.

In fact, this year we’ve seen some free services as well. There are some broadcasters that come from either public or free-to-air networks. And since such broadcasters have their streaming channels as well, you can live streaming Wimbledon for free.

To find out more about those paid and free channels and how you can access them, read on:

Beware: Diehard fans of Wimbledon never wait for any solution and try to seek one on their own. That’s a given. However, caution should be considered, especially when it comes to the Internet. You may be a diehard fan and you do not want to miss out on a single server or rally, but you can’t put your privacy at risk by accessing just about any streaming service you come across. Please, do not visit every streaming service you stumble upon because there are many websites that are either malicious or spammy.

Why You Need a VPN to Watch Wimbledon 2019

Fans living in the US can easily catch all the thrilling moments of Wimbledon 2019 live online on services like:

  • Sling TV
  • DirecTV Now
  • PlayStation Vue
  • YouTube TV

All these services are paid. However, they allow the users to access other channels from a single window or dashboard. Moreover, by using these services, users are able to stream their favorite content on the go.

However, the problem with these streaming services is that you cannot access these services from outside the US. Needless to say, you cannot access them even when you’ve the subscription of those services.

It is because these services do not work outside the US and whenever you try to connect to the service, you’ll see a ‘sorry’ message that would read something like:

“Oops! The content you’re trying to watch isn’t available in your region”

The message could be different but at the end of the day, it would say pretty much the same thing.

Here, you can take the help of a virtual private network and say bye-bye to these annoying restrictions for good.

VPNs make the perfect arsenal that allows you to bypass geo-restrictions. You do that by using an IP address of a different country. When you use a different IP address, the broadcasting streaming service would receive requests from that IP address and, as a result, it will allow the IP to bypass the restriction and access the content.

Unblocking isn’t the only benefit you can reap out of a VPN. You can, in fact, make the most of its encryption functionality in situations like connecting to free or public hotspots. Such wireless hotspots are easy to target for hacking.

By using the encryption functionality of a VPN, you get to encode your internet requests/traffic/activities and browse securely.

Some VPNs are also good at bypassing speed throttling which is a nuisance when it comes to streaming live shows, sports, events, etc. After all, you don’t want the streaming to buffer at every serve or point. Do you?


How to Watch Wimbledon 2019 from Anywhere with a VPN

If you are traveling outside the region where the streaming service is available and wish to unblock it from your current location, you may need to follow the steps:

  1. Find the VPN that you find reliable
  2. Subscribe to any plan of your choice
  3. Download the VPN’s application for your device
  4. Launch the VPN on your device
  5. Find the country you want to connect to and get the IP address
  6. Now, access and enjoy your favorite streaming service

How to Live Stream Wimbledon 2019 Online on Free Services

There are some services, streaming the 2019 Wimbledon Championship for free. Yes, that’s right. These services are able to broadcast the live streaming of the sports for free because they are from free to air networks.

However, there are only a handful of such services available online. Here is the list of free streaming services where you can catch live Wimbledon 2019:

  • BBCiPlayer
  • TVplayer
  • SRF
  • RSI
  • RTS
  • USTVNow
  • Seven or 7plus
  • Eurosport
  • Hotstar
  • Fox Sports
  • BeIN Sports
  • ESPN
  • TSN

The streaming services mentioned here are all geo-restricted in regions where they are not available. For instance, BBCiPlayer and TVplayer work only in the UK. Similarly, SRF is broadcasted in Germany, while RTS operates in France.

Moreover, not every streaming service would be able to deliver your English language streaming. For instance, SRF which is available in Germany won’t broadcast the sports in English.

Wimbledon 2019 Schedule

If you aren’t up to date on the complete schedule of the 2019 tennis championship, here’s the complete schedule you can check out and save.

Mon Jul 1 First Round7AM – 4:30PM
Tues Jul 2 First Round7AM – 4:30PM
Wed Jul 3
Second Round7AM – 4PM
Thu Jul 4Second Round7AM – 4:30PM
Fri Jul 5Third Round7AM – 4:30PM
Sat Jul 6Third Round8AM – 5PM
Mon Jul 8Round of 167AM – 4PM
Tue Jul 9Womens Quarterfinals 8AM – 4PM
Wed Jul 10Mens Quarterfinals8AM – 4PM
Thu Jul 11Womens Semifinals8AM – 1PM
Fri Jul 12Mens Semifinals8AM – 2PM
Sat Jul 13Womens Finals9AM – 3PM
Sun Jul 14Mens Finals9AM – 3PM

Enjoy Wimbledon 2019 Live Online From Anywhere

So, you now have the complete guide on how to watch Wimbledon 2019 for free and from anywhere. Well, all that’s left is to get yourself a reliable VPN and enjoy Wimbledon on the go.