Do you despise torrent? Surely, not!

Torrents are one of the greatest blessings of the Internet, bringing a boatload of content available at your disposal. You get seamless access to all your favorite shows, e-books, magazines, games, software and more.

What you only need to is a client that can help you download the torrent file you want.

Regardless, despite the fact that torrenting has been grown over the years with users seeding and leeching torrent from all over the world, getting access to torrent files or downloading them without alerting suspecting eyes isn’t easy.

After all, torrenting is a practiced frowned upon by international broadcasting studios and publishing platforms because of “you know what.” It is because of such reasons, users – in countries where torrenting is not acceptable – often look for security and anonymity tools.

So, when it comes to torrenting and anonymity, two popular tools come to mind: Seedbox and VPN.

In this guide, we will take a detailed look at both the applications and see what each has to offer to the torrenting community.

What is a Seedbox?

The purpose of a Seedbox is to help users with their torrenting needs. Moreover, it does so with amazing speed and efficiency. If you are looking for a torrent, no matter the size of the file, you can easily do it with Seedbox and without leaving any trails back to you.

Seedboxes, basically, operate as an intermediary service. You first download the torrent on the Seedbox server. Once the torrent becomes available on the hosted server of Seedbox, you download the torrent from the Seedbox to your PC using a FTP, SFTP or HTTP. These Seedboxes are installed on physical servers. Since the user isn’t downloading directly from the torrent website, ISP tracking becomes useless here. After all, anyone who is tracking the torrent user, they won’t be able to continue tracking because it would stop on the seedbox.

Seedbox Features

Unparalleled Downloading Speeds

Seedbox servers are known for their high-speed and, thus, fastest downloading. You can download just about any torrent file on a Seedbox server in just a matter of minutes. In fact, these servers offer users up to 1gbps bandwidth as well as 3TB of storage space, which is enough for even savvy users. Moreover, their mechanism to overcome ISP restrictions allows users to get access to even blocked content from any region.

Reduced Chances of ISP Throttling

If you are worried about ISP throttling, we recommend that you don’t because there’s no need to! Seedbox servers are dedicated and specialized servers and they are built while keeping in mind the problems and needs of torrent users. Therefore, you are assured to get the best speeds no matter what Seedbox service you use.

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Undoubtedly Expensive

Since Seedbox service is a niche specific service, i.e., torrents, and because they speed and efficiency it offers are truly remarkable, you would mostly find these services fairly expensive. You may also find some services more expensive than others usually because of the added VPN functionality. Yes, there are many users who use Seedbox and VPN combo for not only fastest speed but also better security and privacy.

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network services. These applications are far more versatile then our other contender, Seedbox. After all, VPNs have been built to promise users not only security of their Internet data, but also the privacy of their Internet activities as well as the freedom against the internet censorship which is dominant in most countries.

Regardless, VPN is the ideal security tool a user could get as it offers encryption technology. Most VPNs offer 256-bit encryption and some come with even higher encryption standard. But encryption isn’t the only key player. Additionally, VPN services provide users with a large volume of IP addresses that can be from multiple countries. For instance, some offer IPs from 40 countries and some even offer from 100+ countries. It all depends on the strength of the VPN service provider.

It is because of this security and anonymity tool, torrent-savvy users can not only get IPs from countries where torrenting is available but also keep their identity hidden while downloading the torrent.

VPN Features

Unblocking Geo Restrictions

Surely, there are many torrent websites or you can say trackers that are not available in certain regions. Here, a VPN service can best play the role of an unblocker or bypasser and help users to access the “otherwise unavailable” torrents in their region. Apart from torrents, users can also stream the services that are geo restricted. All the users need to do is spoof the real IP with the desired country’s IP and access the service. Some VPNs have even dedicated servers for popular channels or services like Netflix, etc.

Also check is VPN legal in your country? Because many countries banned VPNs as well.

Data Security

As said earlier, encryption is one of the key aspects that give VPNs the edge over other tools. Moreover, the end-to-end encryption plays a vital role in shielding your data against forced hacking attempts and other cyber threats. With your data behind layers of encryption, you don’t need to get worried about any data abuse practices.

Online Privacy

ISP monitoring and other surveillance practices are taking over our second life (digital life). It is because of such practices, our activities on the Internet are not private anymore. However, with encryption and anonymous IP addresses, VPNs give users the ultimate way to hide what they search or explore online.

Bonus: It Serves Versatile Purposes

Seedbox might be limited to torrent downloading purpose only. VPNs, on the other hand, aren’t limited to only a handful of cases. In fact, with a single VPN application on your device, you can do much more than hiding your activities, encrypting your data or unblocking websites or services. For starters, you can download games that are not available in your region. Users can also use the VPN to reduce the latency while playing online games. Moreover, you can use these services to save cost on purchasing flight tickets and on other e-commerce websites.

Should I Get a VPN or a Seedbox?

Well, it depends on your need and, not to mention, your wallet. If you are a totally torrent-savvy user, use torrent clients to their full potential and don’t mind a hefty price tag, Seedbox is just the right service for you.

However, if you are looking for versatile services that can not only give you complete access to international torrents but also encryption and privacy, you need a VPN.

Happy torrenting!