Personal data can be prone to abduction in Britain now, You need to stay secure with a VPN

No wonder the United Kingdom has always been the center of attraction for not only their rich ancient history, Neolithic Stonehenge, and universities like Oxford and Cambridge but for always incorporating the true needs of its people.

However, there is also some dark side to it, the fact that the sheer amount of surveillance that takes place within the boundaries to bound you.  The government surveillance programs like IPA (Investigatory Power Act) aka “Snooping Charter” to spy on a variety of communications like telephonic conversations as well the internet activities performed by a common user.

There is no such thing as data privacy if you are in the UK, unless guarded by a VPN software.

Now, what is a VPN and why you need one?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) lets you access the internet safely and anonymously by routing your connection through an encrypted server to hide your online activities from spies. But how does a VPN work? Well, is simple words VPN servers are hosted in several locations of different countries, once you get connected, all the traffic coming from your location is rerouted to a new location making you anonymous.

Note: If you are price-conscious, we would recommend you have a look at our best cheap VPNs for UK list which works really well in the UK.

A VPN software encrypts your data, even before your ISP provider gets a hint of it or the free-wifi connections that are mostly intended to spy on you.  Let me demonstrate how your connection looks like with or without a VPN:

with and without VPN

Now that you have an eye-opening knowledge about why you need a VPN and how it works, let’s jump on to the very fact which VPN to choose and what is the criteria for the Best VPN in UK.

5 Best VPNs for UK you should consider in 2020

Here we have listed 5 Best VPNS for UK, let’s have a look at some of the top-tier VPNs that are being used explicitly in UK as well as globally:

Nord VPN


Nord VPN has secured the first rank when it comes to the best VPN for UK by holding 5000+ servers in 60 countries. The VPN service possess the salient features you just simply can’t refuse to take into account.

The most appreciated feature is their default kill switch and ads blocking feature that comes along with every package. In addition, they support different security protocols like P2P Support, DNS Leak protection and streaming tools.

Although, there might have seen performance drops when it comes to remove server access, nonetheless the download speed remains stable.

Pricing Plans:

NordVPN Pricing
  • Ads and Malware Blocking
  • Upto 6 simultaneous connections
  • User-friendly app interface
  • Features like Kill switch, DNS Leak Protection, Streaming tools
  • Connection speed drops due to double encryption

SurfShark VPN

Surfshark VPN

Surf shark VPN is just too sunkissed to be rated as the best VPN for UK, but somehow the rapid growth in terms of servers, user-base as well as trends hijacking left us no choice but to list them here on the second position.

Comparatively, surf shark is smaller in the number of servers and the locations they operate in, but still, a VPN that can scale this big in such a limited interval, it’s not very far when they will stand on higher ground. Anyways, let’s discuss some pros and cons:

  • Unlimited Simultaneous Connections (I know, it’s hard to believe)
  • Super Cheap Packages (Another Shocker)
  • Unblocks Netflix As well (Watch “La Casa De Papel” Now)
  • 30-days money-back guarantee
  • No Free trial package
  • Customer Support is not that good.

Pricing Plans:

Surfshark pricing

Express VPN


Express VPN comes at number 3 with a reliable and fast VPN service that gives stable connection speeds along with 24/7 customer support. It is based in British Virgin Island maintaining more than 160+ server locations in 94 countries all over the world. Using the highest 256-bit military grade encryption to protect your data.

It is also available on almost all devices including smartphones, tablets, mac, ipad, etc. They also have an extremely simplified user-interface which makes it even more accessible to the users. No data logging as mentioned on their site and neither have we or anyone ever heard of them keeping logs of their user’s activities.

  • Accessible and easy to use interface.
  • Great Customer Support
  • Smart DNS Leak protection
  • OpenVPN Support
  • Expensive packages
  • No free trials
  • Limited to 3 simultaneous connections

Pricing Plans:

CyberGhost VPN

A Romanian based VPN that has been around here for seven years which is not a very long time though and have managed to grow into the largest VPN providers deserve to get recommended in this list of Best VPNs for UK.

The VPN holds a network of 3000+ servers in more than 60 countries offering highly secure features you’d come to expect like AES 256-bit encryption, OpenVPN along with other tunneling protocols like IPSEC. The pricing structure is also bearable for the kind of service they have to offer.

  • Based in Romania (Out of 14 eyes jurisdiction)
  • Advanced Features support (Kill Switch, IPSec, AES 256 bit encryption)
  • Strict No-logs policy
  • DNS Leak Protection
  • Upto 6 simultaneous connections
  • Slower download and upload speeds
  • Bad user reviews on the internet

Pricing Plans:


IPvanish is another VPN that is busy in making its name out there. Holding 1300+ servers in more than 75 countries, the VPN service is just growing so fast. IPVanish VPN comes along with top-tier features like kill-switch, 40000+ shared IPs, quickest server switching, DNS Leak protection and more.

The app is also compatible with several devices like Windows, OS X, iOS, and Android too. Although, the speed test results were a bit confusing, considering the download speed dropping as well as consistent sometimes. But, it’s a fair deal overall for the amount of price they cost.

  • Accepts secure payments via cryptocurrencies.
  • DNS Leak protection.
  • Support OpenVPN protocol
  • Upto 5 simultaneous connections
  • Inconsistent Download speed
  • No free trial offered.

Pricing Plans:

Bonus Tips: What to look for in the Best VPN for UK:

Before you finally make a choice about the best VPN for UK, there must be a certain criteria to evaluate and rate the service based on the factors that include security, anonymity, connectivity, affordability and accessibility. So, I would recommend here to keep the track of following things in mind as well while evaluating your options:

Security Protocols:

What protocols does the VPN support? For, OpenVPN provides the better security, while PPTP is no more in use since it has become obsolete for low level encryption support. L2TP/IPSEC is still not strong as OpenVPN but a considerable option for mobile devices.

No. of Servers:

Having a large number of servers is a promising aspect to look for when choosing a VPN. As the more servers in different locations, the more options you get to switch locations be it geo-location spoofing, bypassing content restrictions, or simply accessing a news channel of your own region.

No. of Connections:

Believe it or not, but you will be needing this feature as well. No matter, you buy a monthly VPN account or 2 year program, you will be needing more devices to connect as per need. So, make sure the VPN app does have simultaneous no. of connections so that you and your family may as well get the opportunity to stay secure.

Payment Modes:

Although, this is something not every user would likely consider as a top-priority, neither would I recommend it, but still there is nothing wrong in being extra cautious. You can see as if the VPN you prefer accepts payments in Crypto currencies like Bitcoin or Dash.

Data Logs:

It might occur to you that the VPN you bought logs data with or without the consent of users. No matter how many types of logs they keep like connection timestamps, IP Address, data transfer history, etc. if you are up for some real anonymity, you should better go with the one that keeps the lowest.


Now when your internet privacy has all eyes on it, why not remain secure than in fear of data loss? Buy one of the best VPNs for UK from this list and enjoy the freedom of complete anonymity and accessibility anywhere in the world.