We’ve all had that one experience at some point in time, that had led us to a happy place, or one that gave us a truly happy feeling. An experience so good that it compelled us to share it with the world or at the very least, with family and friends. The Jacket Maker is one destination where you can have such an experience and the rewards, well; let’s leave that for a cool conclusion. 

Introducing The Jacket Maker

You may have seen their jackets floating around on social media with many people sharing… oh wait! And tagging their prized purchases or some who simply love how their designs materialized that they shared their comments as well. 

The Jacket Maker was founded as a solution to the problems of accessibility, convenience, and perfection often faced by people shopping within the e-commerce arena. Furthermore, offering simplicity to personalization in the fashion industry that also disrupts the retail dynamic by simply leaving out the middle-men and offering customers a direct to customer service called The Jacket Maker. 

Offering customers a wide range of ready-to-wear, made-to-measure and bespoke leather outerwear, The Jacket Maker is known for its authenticity regarding finest quality leather and raw-materials used in their products, incredible craftsmanship and finishing as well as hardware that you can depend on for the sturdy style. 

A Shopping Experience to Remember

Many would agree, shopping at The Jacket Maker is a treat in itself. Whether you go for a leather biker jacket from their ready-to-wear assortment or a made-to-measure leather blazer. Your shopping experience will not end there, as you can literally get any leather jacket made from scratch by going for their custom leather jacket option. 

If you feel overwhelmed by the wide variety and endless possibilities available, don’t be. As you will find the customer support team to be one of the best as well. Prompt in responding to emails no matter how many questions you may have, you will always have someone available to guide or assist you in any way possible. 

When working on custom leather jackets especially, you will have a dedicated design consultant who will give you awesome advice, great ideas and suggestions and incredible results within an impressive turn-around time. When you hear The Jacket Maker talk about unlimited options, endless possibilities or even open-ended designs and concepts, they’re not kidding! 

The Jacket Maker Promises Customers

As much as The Jacket Maker is focused on ensuring customers a smooth and efficient customer experience, there are a few promises The Jacket Maker makes to all customers which are mentioned below. 

Finest Raw Materials 

Regardless of the jacket you choose, every process begins with raw materials and at The Jacket Maker, only the best raw materials are used. To be precise, full-grain; natural leathers are used as are YKK zippers and polyester or viscose linings that are all top-notch and carefully chosen for every leather jacket that is made. 

Exquisite Craftsmanship

All products at The Jacket Maker are handmade, by one highly experienced craftsman who works on every piece one at a time and with great precision. Since The Jacket Maker does not follow a chain production model, it means costs of each piece is higher but with a higher quality which is evidently visible in such elements as stitching and cut of every leather jacket crafted, paying close attention to detail as well. 

Fair Pricing: Directly to You

Another impressive quality found at The Jacket Maker is the direct-to-consumer approach that they stay true to. This leads to every awesome product being ¼ of the price of any luxury brand offering. This is simply due to the fact that The Jacket Maker removes the middlemen, storefront costs and inefficient marketing spent. 

Taking a step further, there’s also the important point of just-in-time production, which enables The Jacket Maker to skip markup for dead inventory compensation. In fact, the savings are passed on to the consumer, resulting in high-quality products at ⅓ or ¼ of the typical cost. 

Sizes that Fit All

Even though it sounds too good to be true, The Jacket Maker really does keep as many different people and many varying sizes in mind. What’s even more awesome and promising is that you can easily find all the products in-store, available in eight standard sizes. Starting from XS to 4XL not forgetting the made-to-measure that truly is an inclusive feature. So even if you are over 4XL or in-between two sizes, you will definitely find a great fitting leather jacket at The Jacket Maker. 

Full Customization 

The Jacket Maker totally offers full customization options as well as opportunities. This means that you can either go with design elements already featured on The Jacket Maker or go for a design, print, embossing or other element that The Jacket Maker will gladly look into and provide you with truly remarkable results. 


And now for that cool conclusion mentioned in the first paragraph. The Jacket Maker is the ideal place to visit for any type of leather outerwear. A design destination that is just as inclusive as its offering wide, varied and diverse. What makes The Jacket Maker experience memorable, unique and definitely enjoyable is that every step of the way is carefully designed and a reliable person assigned to assist every customer with whatever it is they are looking for, this could be regarding sizing, color options, materials or a host of other questions that they answer you in record time. 

Not only that, they make it a point to meet agreed deadlines and shipments except a few odd cases here and there which they manage the best way possible. Then again everything in life has its ups and downs but with The Jacket Maker, it’s really a rewarding experience that will prove to be memorable for everyone.